30 before 30

I’m pretty certain that 17 year old me wrote a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30. It was probably lots of wild adventures, grand gestures and internet inspired wonders. I wish I knew where that list was now, I wonder how many I’ve achieved, and whether 17 year old me would approve?

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Time flies…

It’s such a cliche, but it really is true. Time has flown since my last blog post, and time has flown since my baby boy was born – I’m finding it hard to believe that he will be a year old next week! Continue reading

Friday night musings

So it’s Friday night. The husband has gone to the pub, and in true rock and roll fashion I’ve spent all day looking forward to cooking myself a tasty meal, clean pjs after my shower and an early night. I might read in bed, I might watch a bit of trashy TV, or I might flake. But whichever option I choose, it’ll be purely pleasing myself. What bliss. Continue reading