And he’s ONE!

My baby turned the huge zero-one last week! One year old!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 22.33.41

We had just the loveliest day – beautiful sunshine, a drive out in Daddy’s van to a nice (read: clean!) soft play barn about 30 minutes away and a tea party with some of Stanny’s nearest and dearest.

Of course, I spent the whole day beforehand baking his cake (whilst trying to work). Six cakes I baked, if you include the two layers which were horrible (a paleo recipe…made with 8 eggs, which just tasted like Yorkshire pudding made with cocoa powder…that’ll teach me!). Those went straight into the bin, complete with the tins they were stuck to, leaving me with one tin to bake four layers in. Roll eyes here. But by the evening I’d got the cake iced beautifully, tiny party hats made for the plastic animals to go on top, and his cake topper all glued ready.

Then I forgot to take a photo. Yup!

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 22.29.34

But the photo we did get shows our happy little chap enjoying his cake beautifully, which is definitely one to treasure.

I was pretty proud of the other little touches I did make (and remembered to photograph!!) – a tassel garland, a felt party hat and a glittery cake topper.

God bless Pinterest, is all I can say!!


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