DIY Cotton Ball Lights

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you may have seen me showing off my new cotton ball lights for Stanley’s room.

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE the ones you can buy from sites such as Cable & Cotton, but on a limited budget I couldn’t justify almost £30 (inc P&P) on a set of lights.

When I found a set of plain white cotton ball lights in B&M for £3.99 I had the idea of colouring my own. My plan worked, and it was really simple so I thought I’d share for anyone else who wanted to do the same.

You will need:

  • A set of plain white cotton ball lights (I purchased mine for £3.99 from B&M)
  • Paint – I used matt emulsion tester pots
  • Bowls/pots to mix the paint in
  • Water
  • Small glasses or tubs to sit the wet balls on
  • Small pliers
  • Fine gauge wire or tiny cable ties

The first thing I did was to remove all the balls from their lights, which was a case of simply snipping the tiny cable ties which held them on and pulling them off the light.

I mixed my paint 50/50 with water then simply dunked each ball into the mixture, swirled it around and rotated it to make sure it was all covered (if you don’t get messy fingers, you’re doing it wrong!) and then sat on a shot glass on a warm radiator to dry.

The drying time was around 30 mins for mine, and I did turn them a couple of times. I did a second coat on them all, following the last step and allowing them to dry completely.

Once dry, I simply decided the order I wanted them in and popped them back onto their lights. I used a small amount of fine gauge wire to hold them in place (instead of the tiny cable ties I removed) and voila, one set of lights in whatever colours you like!

And here are my finished lights…and oooh is that a sneaky room peek I see….?!


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