Loft conversion – let me at it!

Three years ago we started discussing the possibility of turning our (well, hubby’s before it became ‘ours’) two bedroom bungalow into a dormer.

The Summer of 2015, when I was expecting Stanley, would’ve been a good time to do it. But that was the Summer that husband spent building his parents (stunning!) kitchen extension, which I spent my time feeling sorry for myself with morning sickness (it’s a lie, it was all bloody day sickness!).

Instead, work started in April 2016 when Stanny was just a few weeks old. Now here’s the part I feel I need to point out that my husband is a Trojan when it comes to working, and a bloomin talented one at that. He’s a star. He’s done the majority of the work himself, and we are talking ‘full roof off, build a double dormer, two bedrooms and a bathroom’ work here, on his days and evenings off a sometimes 70 hour week at the day job. The amount of money he has saved us is immense…I’m sure I’ll talk more about my life as a faux single mother another day though. It’s been tough, but as we are nearly at the end of the road with it I can finally say with the benefit of hindsight that it has been worth it.

So now, as I keep telling him, the real work starts (ha!).  A master bedroom, a little boys room and a new bathroom to decorate Рall on a budget. Of course anyone who remembers my old blog will guess that I hit the car boot sales last Summer so my parents have a nice pile of bits in their spare room. The bedroom carpets are being fitted next week, and I can finally start to realise my months of Pinterest obsessions. Let. Me. At. It!!


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