Sales shopping, (unorganised) mama style

Oh how times have changed. Sales shopping used to be a ‘jump on a train, go somewhere good, make a day of it’ affair with the mother – a lovely leisurely lunch, hot coffees and Christmas money burning a hole in the pocket.

Now? Now it’s a ‘he’s fed, he’s happy in his pushchair for now…so quick…where do you need to go?’ fly around our increasingly empty local shopping centre with limited spends. He’s a good boy, he really is, but right now he has crawling and climbing skills to master that the neon lights of shopsville just do not cater for. And that’s ok with me. One day he’ll be too grown up to want to be seen in public with mummy dear, and I’ll have all the leisurely shop strolling time in the world…and I can guarantee now I’ll miss these little days.

I’d love to be a ‘buy everyone’s presents for the year’ kinda gal but disappointed by the sales, especially since spotting the scam of a certain “Black Friday” cordless vac offer (Wednesday, £399. Thursday, £499. Black Friday, £469…and wow! What a good deal we are offering you!), I didn’t find much except a few gems I thought I’d share.

So if you want to feel like you’ve planned ahead a little, without actually having to put too much though into it, here are my top picks…


1. Christmas wear! We all know that there are few things guaranteed in life, but the fact that I’ll be dressing Stanny in festive wear as long as possible is one of them. I wasn’t super keen on my usual ‘go to’ Next’s offerings, but Boots pulled it out the bag with this gorgeous jumper and cosy Christmas Eve pjs at half price (£6 each). Even if it did break my heart a little buying clothing in 1 1/2-2 years.


2. ‘Special’ cards. We will be making the usual handcrafted offerings, but I do like to get some nice commercial ‘uncle/grandparent/sister/husband etc etc etc’ cards too. 99p each in Clintons so a bill of £13.86 instead of £40.60. Cheapskate points, 10/10.


3. Decorations. I think I might have wet myself a little when I saw this image on Pinterest (via Sarah Kaye I believe). By next Christmas we will have stairs, and I am now a little obsessed with hanging paper pom poms with my festive greenery.


I bought some big white ones from Poundland earlier this year which are squirrelled away ready, but another 6 smaller coloured balls at £2 will do nicely, thank you Dunelm.


4. Lastly, it was clothes. Not for little sir, for once (he is well and truly stocked up for several outfit changes a day for the next 6 months…at least!), but for this mama who is still breastfeeding and has finally given into the fact that I want to feel half decent when I do. I’m not a big fan of nursing clothing, especially when they often seem to have bump room too (aka too big 9 months post-partum!), however I did find the lovely grey Mamalicious dress (£13, ASOS) fits pretty nicely and is crazy easy to just throw on and go.


I’ve been stalking this lovely wrap jumper from Apricot for a while, and got a little excited when I saw it was finally half price in the New Look sale.


And lastly the current old faithful, ASOS, provided this lush drape back top for just £7. Comfy, stylish and just the right amount of loose to lift for feeding.

Oh and I might have spent the rest of the Christmas money on one of those cordless vacs…but out of protest I went for the lower spec model as it really was a bargain price. The other was back on sale again at £499. Roll eyes here.


One thought on “Sales shopping, (unorganised) mama style

  1. Way to go, I love a bargain. Besides what’s the point paying full price when you don’t have to.
    Have to agree with that staircase image, it’s gorgeous x x


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